Special Update: Fighting the Flu

Hello prayer team! Here is a special update. 
In 2014 I fell sick while in rural Guatemala. I posted a prayer request on Facebook, and to the amazement of my Mayan colleagues, I made a startlingly quick recovery. I told them you all were praying! Thank you.
Now I’ve fallen sick away from home once again, and this time it looks like the flu. I would be most appreciative if any of you could say a prayer for me to go through this gracefully and recover quickly. I want to keep up with my studies during this intensive training event, and give God glory in any way I can through this little trial. Thank you so much.

1 thought on “Special Update: Fighting the Flu”

  1. Thank you prayer team! Glory to God, I am almost 100% better, and I was able to go to class yesterday.

    I was very moved by the number of people that reached out to me with encouraging words and (from those here at JAARS) offers of practical assistance. Thank you everyone!

    For those seeking more prayer guidance, feel free to look at the previous entry.

    Thanks and God bless,


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