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What Alex does

Alex guides the Panao Quechua Bible translation team through the translation process. He helps develop tools that enable the translated gospel to spread and imbed itself into people's hearts.

Translating the Bible

With his attention to detail and his Master’s in Applied Linguistics and Exegesis, Alex works with the translation team, helping them through the process. Checking for faithfulness to the original languages, checking comprehension, and equipping the team to use their translation tools is all part of the task.

Integrating it into people's lives

When we go to church, turn on Christian radio, or use a Bible app, we usually take it for granted that those experiences are going to happen in our own language. But for the Quechua, that is the exception rather than the norm. Alex helps them to integrate their translated Scriptures into their daily lives.

Building tools

Imagine wanting to buy a hymnal so you can worship God and meditate on Scripture in your own language, but you know it would cost you two days’ pay just to go to the big city and look for one. Heart-language Scripture media distribution is just one of the challenges that the Quechua face. Alex helps develop apps that address these obstacles.

Sharing the gospel

Alex loves relating with the team and helping to develop tools for ministry. But he keeps relationships and sharing the gospel top priority. That’s why he devotes time to language and culture learning, so that he can make deeper inroads and better share the gospel.

By the numbers

Living languages in the world
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People in the world for whom there is no complete Bible translation
Approximate population of the Panao Quechua
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Percentage of the Panao Quechua Bible left to translate

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