ICC Starting Off Well!

Dear prayer warriors,

Greetings from sunny and brisk North Carolina! Thank you for all of your prayers for me and my Wycliffe ministry. My ICC training at JAARS (our partner organization) is going quite well.


  • For a wonderful first week of training at ICC.
  • For the chance to network with colleagues and get connected with many new resources and for many new friends.
  • For valuable perspectives for mission work.
  • For new insights on my own gifts and strengths that are helping me understand how I approach different challenges and situations!
  • My check payment for my passport renewal has cleared, meaning that it’s being worked on!


  • That the new passport would be issued without any problems. The government is set to reclose on February 8th if no budget agreement is reached!
  • One of my personality strengths is attention to detail, but I find that this can sometimes lead to over-analysis and even being overly self-critical. Lately I have been struggling a bit with this. And given that I am at a key point in my Wycliffe ministry, I also suspect that spiritual warfare could be at play. Please pray that I would not forget God’s grace and peace, and “hold every thought captive” (2 Corinthians 10:5). Please pray that I would have discernment and the wisdom needed to combat any spiritual attacks.
  • That I would have wisdom in planning out the last weeks of my time in the States, and my first months in Peru.
  • For lead translator Edmin and his family. They all went to the capital city Lima for the month of February so that he could take an intensive seminary course. This is quite an adjustment! And Edmin’s workload is sure to be heavy.

How can I be praying for you?

Thank you so much,


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