Three Bible Dedications Later

Dear prayer team, Thank you so much for your prayers! A cluster translation project involving several neighboring languages has completed, resulting a spurt of Bible dedications! It’s been an intense month of traveling, late nights, and big celebrations. My role was to lead up the distribution of digital Scripture media. Praise: For the thousands of …

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Answered Prayers

Dear prayer team, Thanks for your prayers! I asked you to pray for productive language and culture learning and warm and restful nights free of allergy symptoms while in the village. That very same night after posting the last update, I started sleeping much better. I also felt towards the end of the two weeks …

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Travels Tomorrow and Beyond

Dear Prayer Team, Thank you for your prayers! Praises: For new work experiences in the village, and for an idea for a potential language tutor there. For good community Prayer points: (Same as in the last post, as they are still relevant) For a visit to a neighboring city to spend time with some colleagues. …

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Stress Down, Travels Ahead

Dear Prayer Team, Thank you so much for your prayers! In the last many weeks my stress levels have gone down significantly. I’ve learned some new approaches to problems and stressors that are going to help me long-term, and I know that your prayers have played a big part in that. This past month has …

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