Off to North Carolina

Hello Prayer Team,

Greetings from the Seatac Airport!

In case you haven’t already heard, I have some great news – my Wycliffe ministry is fully funded! Praise be to God. Thank you to all of you, who prayed so earnestly. 

Some Prayer Requests:

  • Praise! For full funding.
  • Prayer: That I would be able to take in all the learning during my five weeks of training in North Carolina, at the Intercultural Communications Course (ICC).
  • Praise! For the ways God has encouraged me through all of you.
    Prayer: For all the details that need to fall into place before I go to Peru. For example, yesterday I mailed my passport renewal application to a government office that may reclose indefinitely!
  • Praise! For a Quechua family and translation team that is eager to welcome me.

Praise reports from the last post:

  • My time in Canada, including the open house and spiritual retreat, went exceedingly well. 
  • At the moment I am doing better with the anticipatory grief issue. My new funding status and trip to North Carolina plays a big factor in that to be sure! I’m looking forward to talking with a counselor about this when I am at training too.

Thank you so much for your prayers! Please let me know how I can pray for you too.

God bless,


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