Not Going Alone!

Dear prayer team,

Greetings from Langley, BC, Canada!

Thank you for helping me start this year off at such an incredible pace! Ever since the holidays ended, God has been opening doors.


  • For one more Christmas and New Years with my family before moving to Peru. It was truly meaningful.
  • For the chance to have a significant role in my friend’s wedding on Sunday. To be part of a friend’s wedding has been a long and deep desire of mine. God answered my silent prayer unexpectedly, and just before moving to Peru.
  • For the chance to connect with many friends in Canada and share the vision of Bible translation with them.
  • For the gathering momentum in my partnership development. Two weeks ago one family and another person joined my Wycliffe ministry partnership team with regular giving. Only 12% of my Wycliffe monthly ministry budget is left! And not much more to go in the Launch Expense budget either. I have several meetings set up to share my vision and passion with others, and every one of them is a gift from God.

Prayer requests:

  • Tonight I have an open house from 7-9 PM. Please pray that many would accept the invitation to come and hear about how God is moving, and be stirred to take part themselves.
  • On Wednesday I leave for a much-needed spiritual retreat just off the coast of Vancouver, BC. Please pray that God would build me up and encourage me mightily during these two days.
  • My faith goal to reach 100% in both my Wycliffe ministry budgets is just 13 days away. Please pray that God would guide my actions, and that he would keep moving in peoples’ hearts.
  • When leaving CanIL two summers ago, I often stated, “I’m homesick and I haven’t even left yet.” At my new-member training in Orlando I learned this is called “anticipatory grief,” and I am starting to experience it again. I am incredibly excited for what is to come in Peru! But there is also some sadness, as I think of all the people I will be saying goodbye to, and recognize there are likely hardships ahead. Please pray that I stay rooted in the peace of God that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7). Please pray that God would pave the way for deep relationships with my Quechua family, my colleagues, and my neighbors when I get to Peru.

Really, knowing that I am blessed with the friendship and partnership of so many of you is a HUGE encouragement to me. I know I am not going alone. Thank you!

God bless you,


3 thoughts on “Not Going Alone!”

  1. May you be richly blessed as you approach your departure. God has wonderful things in mind for you. The saying ” no pain, no gain” comes to mind. But the gain is so much more beautiful as you learn and grow. God be with you. Blessings, Suzane

  2. Alex, trust God’s promises. 😉God calls Abraham to leave his country, his people and his father’s household and go to the land God is going to show him (Genesis 12:1). Abraham did exactly as the Lord directed him (v.4, AMP). He trusted God to direct him one step at a time. He could not have seen the next steps at this time but he trusted God’s promises.

  3. Nicolasa Van Mason

    Blessings to you & family!
    My family & I are praying for your and will soon be donating to your project and great adventure. May God grant you everything your hear desires and keep you safe of harm & illness. Thank your for staying in touch and we love hearing from you. Sincerely yours, Nikkie & family. 🙂

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