Walking Without Crutches!

Dear prayer team,

Thank you for your prayers. I am glad to report that last week the doctor told me to stop using crutches! It was the 45th day since my fall.

Some more praises:

  • I’m settling in well in Huánuco. I am still learning a lot, but am not as overwhelmed as I was before.
  • For many good and helpful conversations with my forerunners Terry and Karla Smith while they were in town.
  • While I have not yet spent much time in the village (where I anticipate more allergens), these past weeks I have been allergy free! Some may remember that this has been a major trial at times.
  • My Quechua learning is progressing steadily. The other day someone asked me a question in Quechua. I had never heard that particular question before, but was able to recognize the components and answer. A very exciting first!
  • On Wednesday the 18th I was blessed to be a part of a civil wedding of one of my Quechua brothers. He and his fiancé got married in the rural town where he grew up. I am honored and humbled to have been given a significant role not just on their wedding day, but also in the future of their marriage and family. Praise for the chance for my Quechua family and the town officials to listen to Scripture in their heart language!

Please pray:

    • For the Panao Quechua Old Testament Translation Project.
      • As they seek project funding.
      • As they seek to update their translation software to the latest
        version- a complicated process that requires all team members to travel to the same site and update simultaneously.
  • For peace and safety in Peru, as many anti-corruption protests take place.
  • For me to be able to recover full ankle strength and range of motion in my continuing physical therapy sessions.
  • The same couple will have their Christian wedding on Saturday. Please pray for the couple as they prepare and seek the needed resources, and for family as they travel. Please pray for me- that I would understand and exercise my role to the best degree possible.

I request your ongoing prayer in these ways:

  • For sufficient rest for my ankle, and the ability to observe sabbath days.
  • Wisdom on how to allocate time when many tasks demand my attention.
  • For the ability to grow my community here in Huánuco.
  • That I would become more effective in my listening, and for increased awareness of how I impact others with even the smallest actions and decisions.

Thank you prayer team. You mean the world to me! How can I pray for you?

God bless,


6 thoughts on “Walking Without Crutches!”

  1. Tom & Charlotte Foster

    We are keeping you in our prayers. May you accomplish everything God has planned for you there!
    Tom & Charlotte Foster
    (Cold Springs Church)

    1. Thank you so much Tom and Charlotte! I really appreciate your prayers.

      God bless,


  2. Praying for you, Alex. Thankful that you are walking without crutches. I hope and pray that God will use you today and every day this month to bring someone closer to Christ through your words and actions.
    John Pearson

    1. Thank you John! And you have reminded me to share some important testimonies in my next update.

      God bless,


  3. Hi Alex!

    I am so happy that you are not using the crutches. I am going to continue praying for the total recovering of your ankle and for your learning of that lenguaje.

    1. Thank you Miriam! We know how much language learning is a reto. I pray you and your family are well as well.

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