Running With Crutches

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Thank you for your prayers!

Two weeks ago I entered the next phase of my Wycliffe ministry by moving to Huánuco. The night bus arrived safely and was pleasantly low-key. The day I arrived here I had the great privilege of sharing with 40 missiology students -mostly Quechua- about missions and a brief history of Bible translation! It went well and I was also blessed to learn more about their cultures.

Last week was much more intense than I had anticipated. Even now I feel a bit overwhelmed and stressed as I acclimate more to the Latino and Quechua cultures. The learning curve has been very steep, and I’m constantly digging into all my valuable training. Even so, mistakes and apologies are inevitable.

Praise be to God for the incredible help from the lead translator Edmin and his extended family as I learn, incorporate, and get settled. All this, even as I continue to recover from my sprain! I admit, I didn’t realize my sprain would be so “disabling” in Huánuco, and it’s taking longer to heal than expected.

I am also thanking God for the timely visit of my forerunners Terry and Karla Smith. Their 30+ years with the Panao Quechua allows them to give me much needed guidance and insight.

I request your prayer for me in these ways:
– For wisdom on how and where to establish healthy boundaries
– For sufficient rest for my ankle, and the ability to observe sabbath days
– Wisdom on how to allocate time when many tasks demand my attention
– For the ability to grow my community here in Huánuco
– That I would become more effective in my listening, and for increased awareness of how I impact others with even the smallest actions and decisions.

Finally, please pray that I would be able to learn the local languages and cultures at the rate I am being taught.

Thank you so much. I couldn’t do this without you.

God bless,


P.S. Here is an update on my CanIL professor Ben Kuwitzky and his son: It turns out Ben himself also needs invasive surgery to correct a gradually worsening issue with his ribcage. His son’s cranial surgery won’t take place until at least August, and then the ribcage surgery will occur after his son has recovered. Thank you for your prayers for this family.

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