Sharing Insights in Bible Translation & Heart Transformation

Dear family, friends, and ministry partners,

Thank you for your prayers!

I am back in Rain City.

The ten days I spent in Dallas were highly impactful. I quickly realized how insightful my two visits to Peru were. At the Bible Translation Conference, with papers on dozens of topics being presented every day, I was able to discern which topics and resources would be most valuable to me and the team in Peru. I spent the whole time synthesizing all the input and applying it to future possibilities on the field. I am excited to keep moving forward in partnership development….and on to Peru after that!

Here are my praises and prayer requests:


  • For a Bible Translation conference that went exceedingly well!
  • For many friendships and partnerships created and deepened.
  • For the opportunity to keep building my Wycliffe ministry partnership team
    in Seattle.


  • For clarity as I prioritize my time and continue settling into my new home in Bellevue.
  • That God would help me see the doors he is opening in hearts, homes and churches, to continue my partnership development.

That is all for now. Is there any way I can be praying for you?

Thank you for being on my prayer team,


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