Happy Reformation Day! 500 years ago today…

Dear Prayer Team,

Happy Reformation Day! 500 years ago today Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to the church door, starting what would become the Protestant reformation. Martin Luther believed that all people should have access to God’s Word in the language that spoke to their heart, and translated the first German Bible, even despite great persecution.

Please join me in praise! Today around the world, speakers of 636 different languages have the complete Word of God in their own language, and speakers of 1,442 languages have the full New Testament in their own language.

Please pray for the 160 million people awaiting the first Scriptures to become available in their own language, and the 1.5 billion awaiting God’s full revelation- the whole Bible- to become available. The 85,000 Panao Quechua are among these.

Please also thank God with me for:

  • A good time celebrating family and partnership in Portland last weekend. I celebrated my grandfather’s birthday, and then encouraged some ministry partners of my Wycliffe coach at his fall update event.
  • Progress in partnership development! Presently, my Wycliffe ministry monthly budget is 82% funded, and my Wycliffe ministry launch expenses are 72% funded.
  • Finishing the migration of my website from one host to another. While there is no detectable difference for those that visit my site, it was a complicated process that had to be addressed before my hosting service expired. The process finished days in advance.
  • Finishing unpacking while I was waiting for website files to download and upload. I now consider myself to be settled into my new place.
  • A full year as a Wycliffe member! November 1st is my first anniversary. In the last 12 months, I have been in Peru twice, gone to Seattle, Orlando, North Carolina, Dallas, Boise, Coeur d’Alene, Spokane, Portland, and Canada. I have made over 250 phone calls, gone to over 80 meetings, and sent hundreds of letters and messages. All this, as part of building my Wycliffe partnership team and preparing for the field. Thank you to all that have responded with friendship, prayer, and financial gifts to my Wycliffe ministry!

Please continue to pray:

  • For clarity as I prioritize my time. I am praying about making another trip to Quincy, Spokane, and Coeur d’Alene, since many people were out of town or had to cancel due to an emergency.
  • That God would help me see the doors he is opening in hearts, homes and churches, to continue my partnership development.

Thank you for your partnership with me in my Wycliffe ministry! It’s incredible to think about how you and many others are making a real difference for the Bibleless around the world.

God bless you,


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