Being Stretched in Dallas

Dear prayer partners,

I am delighted to tell you the Lord has helped me reach 75% in my Wycliffe monthly ministry budget! God put it on my heart to reach out to some family friends from Canada that I didn’t get to connect with during my last visit. My faith and walk was encouraged by their testimony, and their pledge took me past the three-quarters mark. It turns out that my call was an answer to one of their prayers.

The reality that it has been almost a month since my last update astounds me, especially as I strive for weekly updates. Much has happened since my last update:

  • My partnership development trip to Spokane was different than expected, but still very impactful.
    • I connected with some old friends who not only opened their home to me during my stay, but also opened their hearts to my Wycliffe ministry! It was a blessing and encouragement.
    • I had a wonderful dinner with some relatives in Coeur d’Alene. When pulling out to leave, I made it about four feet when I realized something was seriously wrong with my accelerator! No need to tow to a mechanic and wait until The guys there were fully provisioned with tools and the needed know-how! I was back on the road in about an hour.
  • I moved to a more permanent home in Bellevue (until I move to Peru), and am having a wonderful time in fellowship with my two Christian housemates.
  • I made it to Dallas for my workshop for training in the Freedom Ascent addiction recovery program, and for the 2017 Bible translation conference. Freedom Ascent is unique in its focus on using stories from Scripture, and an oral-learner approach. What a blessing to start my first assignment with this training!

Here are my prayer requests:

  • For those still devastated by the hurricanes that ravaged much of the southeast and the Caribbean.
  • For Quincy Free Methodist Church, as they mourn the various elders and family members. This turn of events just before my trip resulted in it being necessary for me to postpone my visit to Quincy.
  • As I learn here in Dallas, please pray:
    • That God would continue to challenge and embolden me.
    • For new and deepened friendships and work partnerships.
    • That God would grant strength and grace to the teachers and facilitators.

Thank you so much for journeying with me through prayer! Thank you for answering God’s missional call on your life by being a part of my Wycliffe ministry. I couldn’t do it without you.

Please let me know how I can pray for you too.

God bless you,


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