Principles of Translation off to a good start

Hello friends and family,

I had my first Principles of Translation class session on Friday, and spent all of today studying the material. I am also happy to report that my Kenyan classmate was able to make it on Thursday, together with his family. Thanks to all that prayed for him!

Please pray for me as I continue to work on my term paper for my other course. The topic (Liberation Theology) is quite hard to get a complete handle on, and that can be discouraging. Please pray that I would be able to hear back from a friend of a colleague who is an expert in the area, and that I would be able to draft a good outline by the end of Monday.

Praise also for all the rain we have been getting in B.C.! While it can be annoying to get wet, the rainfall helps keep the allergies and forest fires at bay.

Another praise: I was able to connect with my director and get some more information regarding my next steps. I can’t wait to write a newsletter update!

Thank you so much for all that you do.

God bless,


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  1. Hi, Alex. It was good to see you and hear you speak. That term paper sounds tough. Nothing is impossible with our wonderful God. He’ll see you through. Am continuing to pray. Arlene

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