Paper Sprint!

Hello friends and family,

Thank you to those of you who prayed prayers of thanks from my last post. The semester is starting out well. My intensive class sessions for Believer’s Church Theology have ended, and now I am working on papers for the course. My main research paper is due first, and in only ten days! Please pray that I would be able to make a lot of progress this week. (Today I got off to a good start!)

My Principles of Translation class will begin on Friday. Praise report: It looks like I will have one classmate after all! He is coming from Kenya and as one who speaks a minority language, he will be able to contribute a lot of richness and insight to the class! Please pray that he would be able to secure the visas needed to bring his family as well.

In other news: While my scholarship results did come in a bit lower than expected, I am still grateful that I am only $480 away from full funding for the present semester. Part of this is also thanks to a second donation from one of my supporters! (Thank you!)

I am meeting a lot of new students. Another praise is that there haven’t been many significant issues with getting the new students here- namely just the aforementioned challenge for my Kenyan classmate.

I will share more about my post-CanIL timeline once I know more! Due to some circumstances out of our control the Americas director and I haven’t had a chance to connect to talk about the developments just yet.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers, and God bless!


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