Celebrating what’s to come

Hello friends and family,

There is a favorite song of mine that contains a line that calls us to “celebrate what is to come”* and that is certainly what I feel like doing right now!

Thank you to those of us that prayed as me and a fellow student traveled back to Canada yesterday. A couple of praise points:

  • The trip went smoothly
  • I received my new student visa without issues

Here’s another two points of praise:

  • A little over a week ago I received some exciting news from Wycliffe about my future assignment possibilities. I will be writing about that soon in a full newsletter.
  • God is already starting to provide for my next step after CanIL! More on that later too.

I just have one prayer request right now:

  • The CanIL board will be meeting next week to discuss scholarships. Please pray that they would grant me the scholarship that I am anticipating. It is dependable enough for me to have already included it in my budget, but all the same I recognize it’s not correct to take things for granted.  Thank you.

Please join me in prayers of praise to God for what he is doing!

Thank you for all of your prayers and support.

God bless,


*The song is called “Creeré” (“I Will Believe”) by Tercer Cielo.

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