Meeting a team tomorrow

Hello friends and family,

Thank you so much for all of your prayers! Things are going really well here in Lima, the capital city of Peru.

I am presently fairly well-rested, in good health, and my director Ed has also mostly recovered from his Guatemala illness. We are getting to know each other well too!

We have already had several meetings, several of them very impactful and “God moments.” Yesterday on Monday we had a really amazing meeting with two of the top directors here. Amazing discussions are happening daily.

I am learning a lot about the Bible translation organizations and teams that work in Peru, and a getting to know some of their centers that are based in this city.

Tomorrow we will fly to another part of the country to meet a translation team that may be a good fit for me. This is a Quechua language in the Andes mountain range.

Going forward, please pray:

  • For today’s meetings and preparations for travel.
  • For tomorrow’s visit to the Andes, that all would get to understand each other deeply during the visit, and be able to cover all the important bases. Please also pray that we may have a clear sense from the Lord if this is the right spot for me.
  • With everything happening, we have already noticed some attempts of spiritual oppression from the evil one. I give praise for early detection (we are fine), and request prayer for continued protection and shrewdness.
  • Longer term: Wisdom for me and the director on what skills are most important for me to gain after this trip is over, and how to go about getting them.

Until I do a factory reset on my tablet, I do not have the ability to go on Facebook and share photos. Hopefully that gets resolved today! Perhaps that can be a prayer request as well. In any case, I look forward to sharing them with you once I can!

Thanks so much for everything, and God bless you all. I look forward to the next update!

God bless,


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  1. Today is my pleasure to pray for you. As I read your prayer requests I paused to pray after reading each one. Will continue to do so throughout the day. Glad to hear that you’re staying healthy.

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