Now in Lima!

Greetings from Lima!

My trip to Peru went well. Here are some praises for today and the past week:
• Despite the stress of travel preparations, I have been able to remain fairly peaceful. This is a huge praise item and I think an answer to prayer.
• I got everything important to fit in my carry-on luggage! And I got the most important tasks done before leaving home.
• Travels are progressing smoothly.
• I got to see some beautiful fall colors yesterday before leaving.
• I am deeply moved by the support that I am getting from all of you. Your prayers are a huge ministry, and your financial gifts fill me with gratitude. I praise God for all of you! Thank you! God is providing abundantly beyond what I imagined for this trip- He knew ahead of time about some of the unexpected expenses that I have already had! I’m glad He is in control.

Here are some prayer requests:
• I’m fairly short on sleep. Please pray for rest and a good, positive demeanor as I start making a lot of first impressions.
• My director is still recovering from a bug he got in Guatemala the other week. Please pray for his health (and mine as well!)

Thank you so much, and God bless.

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