God is Lord Over the Mini-Storms, Too

Praise! My truck developed a coolant leak on Sunday. On Thursday I was able to get it fixed along with a coolant flush for about $100.

Praise!  For the opportunity to go to Othello, WA with Essential Church on Saturday to encourage the Ryan family in their ministry to the Mixteco community there. They are working hard to learn a Mixteco language and make the translated Scriptures available.

Praise! For the 29 people and families who are financial partners with my Wycliffe ministry on a regular basis, bringing me to 85%. These partners enable me to focus on preparing for Peru through building my Wycliffe ministry partnership team and completing the last of my training, while also being a blessing to others.

Prayer: This week I made a startling discovery:  Due to a combination of reasons, I did not set up my tax withholdings correctly and am behind in payment of my 2017 taxes. Fortunately, I have a Wycliffe Financial Liaison helper and a tax preparer friend who partners with my Wycliffe ministry through the gift of his services. After seeking their wise council I have gained confidence I will be able to catch up in time and with no penalty. Please pray that God will help me work out the details, and more importantly, resume my partnership development with peace and focus.

Thank you so much! I couldn’t do this without you.

How can I be praying for you?

God bless,


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