Entering a Season of Travel

Dear prayer team,

Thank you so much for your prayers! So much has happened. I can’t believe it’s been a month already, and I wish I could have updated you sooner.

Praise God!

  • I was able to get my Peruvian residency renewed without any issues.
  • The workshop I gave in Huánuco went really well. Eight participants from three local Bible-translation organizations came to learn how to distribute digital Scripture media in their language areas. I felt like I could have spent days or weeks more preparing, but in the end I was able to teach all of the important material without difficulty. At the end, one of the participants told me, “Thank you so much for teaching us these skills. Sometimes we feel that these skills and resources are only for the rich city folk. But now we know that they are for us too.”
  • My laptop is back in working order! We found that my laptop was overheating and shutting off, which may have contributed to the hard-drive failure. We performed some maintenance on the cooling system.
  • The Bible translation conference in Dallas went really well! I was able to network with other colleagues and keep on-pace with the developments in Bible translation, as well as get connected with resources that will be of practical help to me and the team on the field. I learned how to use the latest version of our Bible translation software (Paratext). It contains some major improvements, and I can’t wait to train the team when I go back in January.

Please pray:

  • Please pray for me as I coordinate all of the details for my visits with partnering churches, families, and individuals. I have an aggressive travel itinerary that intimidates even me!
  • Please pray that my laptop would have no more issues. It’s impressive to think of how much of an interruption it was to not have my hard drive data for a full month!

Thanks so much. You mean the world to me.  

God bless,


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