Today was my first day of official Wycliffe membership

Today was my first day of official Wycliffe membership. It has been a long journey to get this far. Perhaps it started when I went to CanIL* in 2014. But no, before that I had several wonderful conversations with Wycliffe recruiters, starting in 2012. Or maybe you could say it started even before that, when as a college freshman in 2007 I asked for God’s blessing to go into missions. Or maybe when I first went on a short-term mission trip in 2004, or even before that when I started learning Spanish, or before that as my parents, mentors, and church poured their love and guidance into me, helping in my decision to follow Christ and grow in Him.

Really, my whole life has been a journey. I pray that it would be a testimony to Christ’s love and His power to heal and transform lives, no matter the difficult circumstances. I have seen Him do this in me!

Today was my first day of official Wycliffe membership. The Lord has brought me thus far, but really I know that it is just another beginning! I can’t wait to see what God has ahead for me, for the people I will be working with, and for all my friends back home who encourage me and partner with me in my Wycliffe ministry. I thank you all for carrying me this far, and I thank God for loving all of us, pursuing us, and calling us to follow Him and join Him in His mission to the world! All praise, honor, and glory be to Him!

Going forward, please pray for me as I work out my role with various leadership teams. Thank you!

*CanIL: Canada Institute of Linguistics

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