Halfway Mark

Hello friends and family,

Thank you for all of your prayers!

It’s incredible to think that I am already halfway through my time in Peru!

I had a wonderful time in Panao, meeting the veteran missionary couple, the local translators, and the director of JAWCA, which is the regional Bible-translation organization there.

The New Testament was dedicated a few years ago and a bit of the Old Testament has also been completed, but the couple is unable continue full time. Wycliffe and JAWCA is looking for someone who can help the team with hermeneutical and exegetical analysis and application, as well as assist with other aspects of the translation task. Another major component of my role would be to foster the community’s engagement with the Scriptures.

As an answer to prayer, my director Ed and I had many profound conversations with everyone involved with the project, and with the administration here in Lima.

There is a lot of excitement about the possibilities. Even so, in addition to the opportunities there would be some challenges associated with taking this particular assignment. It is still the primary opportunity, so I do request continued prayer for discernment.

My time with Bible translators here in Lima and out in Panao has been wonderfully full of experiential learning. This weekend we are heading out on a long trip to another part of the country to get to know another project for more of such learning, and to broaden my connections in the country.

• We are healthy
• My director and I are learning a lot about the field situation
• Ed (whose focus is in Scripture Engagement) has been able to make many inroads and forge many new connections that we anticipate can lead to more people encountering Christ through the Scriptures in deeper ways.
• The chance for Ed and I to spend a cumulative of several days focusing on developing my leadership potential and my abilities as a Scripture Engagement worker.

• That all of our new friendships would continue grow and blossom.
• For discernment regarding this assignment opportunity.
• For safe travels. We are taking a bus, since the regional airport is only open three days a week.

Thanks for all of the prayers! That’s all for now.

Take care and God bless,


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