Slight Injury; Prayer for Projects Nearing Completion

Hello Prayer Partners,

Greetings again from Lima! My orientation is going so incredibly well here, and I feel blessed at every turn. Thank you so much for your prayers.

There has been a recent challenge though. I would like to ask for prayer for healing and wisdom regarding my ankle. I sprained it fairly severely on Tuesday night, and the doctor says I am to rest and not go to Huánuco for at least a week. A sprain is such a minor thing, and for me, a constant call to prayer for those who suffer more severe maladies. But it is certainly impacting my work. Please pray for good, quick healing, and the ability to get done what I need to do in Lima.

Other praise and prayer items are below. As I like to emphasize on occasion, please don’t let these updates become burdensome. Please feel free to pray for all items, or just the ones that the Lord puts on your heart to pray for. Thank you so much.


  • For a wonderful tie saying farewell to friends and family all across the West Coast.
  • For safe travels all throughout
  • For an incredibly moving commissioning service at Mountain Creek
  • For good health
  • For a great start to my relationships in Lima


  • Safe travel to Huánuco. It will be an all-night winding trip that reaches nigh 16,000 ft elevation!
  • For a great start to my relationships in Huánuco and surrounding areas.
  • Visa process and remainder of Lima orientation
  • My apartment arrangements for Huánuco

I also ask for prayer for two translations that are close to completion. Spiritual warfare always increases at this stage.

  1. The Ambo Pasco Quechua people neighbor the Panao Quechua, and are preparing for their Scripture Dedication celebration on July 7th. Please pray that the event planners would be able to leverage this unique opportunity for maximum kingdom impact, and that God would be stirring in the hearts of all the Ambo Pasco people, even now, giving them a great hunger for his Word.
  2. One of my CanIL professors, Ben Kuwitzky, is a translation consultant that works with many languages in Africa. He recently received word that the Tangale West translation team was ordered by their own community to stop work on the translation. This comes as a blow, as they have been making great progress, and the translation is nearing completion. Also, Ben and his family are making an emergency visit to the U.S., as they found out that their newly-adopted son likely needs cranial surgery ASAP.

Please pray for unity and God’s healing in these matters.

Thank you for praying with me, and for your partnership with me in the Gospel.

God bless you all,


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  1. Alex, even tho it isn’t the 19th, I am praying for your praises and prayer requests.

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