Driving through the Pacific Northwest

Hello prayer team!

My last update was given when I was just arriving to Boise. Now, I’m about to leave. Thank you so much for praying for me during these two weeks. They were quite productive!

Parkview Christian Church decided to partner with me and my Wycliffe ministry on a monthly basis, in addition to contributing towards my launch expenses. How awesome is that!

I also had some wonderful time with my family.

Part of starting well in Peru is ending well in the States, so I’m grateful that on Tuesday I had the chance to visit McCall, a town of many childhood memories. It will be my only visit in about a 15-year window!

Please pray for the Panao Quechua translation team, as they look to continue translating in the coming months. It looks like economic resources are going to be scarce, and we all know that can be stressful.

Please also pray for my safety as I travel across the Pacific Northwest in the days ahead. Starting in Boise, I will go to Portland to spend the weekend with family, and then travel home to Seattle. My lightweight truck is quite dependable, but I sometimes wonder about how I would fare in the event of an accident.

Please especially pray that I would be faithful in doing the behind-the-scenes work, and that I would learn to better maintain spiritual disciplines even without a regular routine.

I have a newsletter in the works! Please pray for the Lord’s inspiration so you will be able to read it soon.

Thank you so much for standing with me for the advancement of the Kingdom.

God bless,


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