Adventures in Flight

Dear friends and family, partners in ministry,

Thank you for your prayers. Greetings from Peru!


Praise for this opportunity to go to Peru and participate in these literacy workshops. Praise for my partnership team that is making it possible!

Through an interesting turn of events, a 40 minute delay led to a missed flight, which lead to a rerouting that got me to Lima four hours early! That enabled me to take care of some much needed errands early. A bit stressful at first but certainly a blessing in disguise. I also got a 2.25-mile run in at the Los Angeles Airport! Romans 8:28 always applies.


Please pray for the literacy workshop this weekend, and for the second one in early June, that God would help all the details to come together.

Please pray for good first impressions as I meet more of the Quechua, and for deepened relationships with the Bible Translation Team.

Please pray that God would guide me in the best use of my time in the weeks between workshops. Between language and culture learning, collaborating with the team, and investigating long-term living arrangements, there are plenty of worthwhile tasks to pursue!

I’ll be posting updates at Facebook too as I’m able.

Thank you so much for your prayers! You mean the world to me.

God bless,


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