From Linda Linda to Tipsa

Hello prayer warriors!

I hope you are well. Thank you so much for your prayers.

My time here in Peru is going quite well. Last weekend we went to the very rural village of Linda Linda for the literacy workshop. Our base text was the story of Joseph from Exodus. It was marvelous to see the Panao Quechua of all ages reading in their language for what I believe was the first time, and engaging with the story for the first time! Every now and then I would ask for a translation, and figure out where in the story we were. It was clear they were understanding at a whole new level, as they sometimes searched for the Spanish words to relate what they were understanding in Quechua. Before leaving, I learned that it was the first time westerners had ever visited in the entire history of the village. Wow!

Next weekend I will be going to a different village called Lipsa, where translator Edmin’s parents and siblings live. The goal will be to get to know them and the local community better. It will be a great language and culture learning experience!

Here are my praise and prayer items, a bit more here than usual. As with all my newsletters and prayer updates, please don’t allow them to become burdensome. With the longer updates, please pray for the requests that God is calling to your attention.

  • Praise! Good health for everyone that went to Linda Linda.
  • Praise! That God would use our presence to communicate God’s love to the people of Linda Linda.
  • Praise! For the people that got to engage with God’s Word in their heart language for the first time.
  • Praise! The Lord is blessing my relationships with the translation team and the people here.
  • Praise! For a while the second workshop seemed a bit uncertain, but now it has been confirmed.
  • Praise! I have asked for prayer for Walter and his wife Blanca, who has epilepsy and dementia. Yesterday he told me that she is responding well to medication and can live with a bit more autonomy, which is a big boost to her and her family that cares for her.


  • Prayer: that our visit and God’s Word would continue to bear fruit in Linda Linda.
  • Continued prayer: for the second workshop in June, as the local leaders make arrangements and preparations.
  • Prayer: for a safe, healthy, positive time in the rural village of Lipsa. I must admit this is a bit outside my comfort zone! There will be no cellphone reception on my local carrier.
  • Prayer: that I would be able to connect with pastor Abdón in the small city of Panao. During my past trip we discussed the possibility of discipleship.
  • Prayer: for veteran Panao Quechua translator Pablo Villogas, as he works on some reports for organizations that are considering partnership.
  • Prayer: as I strive to balance my communication with my home team with being present with those that are around me.

I plan on publishing an abridged form of this prayer update as a newsletter soon, so you may see this again, though with pictures included!

Thanks again, and God bless,


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  1. Suzane Bailey

    May God richly bless you. Was great to talk with you Sunday. Praying for you and those you meet

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