The Joy of Scripture in the Heart Language

Dear Prayer Team,

How are you?

Just yesterday I got back from my second week-long stay in the village. I’m really starting to get used to life there. I’m able to eat the foods with more ease and know how I fit in to the family a bit better. While I haven’t found a formal language tutor yet, I made a couple of visits to the town of Panao in which I got to know some more Quechua speakers. This broadening of my community encourages me. I also had the chance to help many of them access God’s Word in their language. The joy on their faces as they read and hear it reminds me that this is all worth it.

For this past week, I am very grateful.

As I mentioned last week, some representatives from a partner organization are coming to Huánuco on the 19th and 20th of March to discuss the possibility of providing some funding for the translation work.

The translation team has some legwork to do to get ready for the big meeting, and so we will be getting together on the 7th and 8th to get ready.

Please pray for us, for the right decisions, organization, and good communication.

Please pray for me, for focus and clarity on how to spend my time. Also, that I would know when I should lead and where I should trust other’s leadership. All of us are growing in new roles!

Thanks and God bless,


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