The Early-Morning Semester

Hello everyone! This semester I am getting up early and arriving to school at 6:30 AM so that I can get a lot of studying in before my 11:40 class. It’s going really well so far! I love being able to work distraction free in my TA office.


  • Lots of study time in the morning
  • Enough finances to switch banks and pay tuition on time (or very close to on time! Bank check holds…)
  • Good health and good spirits
  • Great birthday celebrations the other week, when another student and I celebrated our January birthdays with a combined party.

Prayer requests

  • That I would be focused and prioritize well during my morning study time
  • For insight and understanding as I do an in-depth analysis of a traditional Zapotec story, told in a Zapotec language
  • New partners for the summer semester
  • I will likely need to get another student visa, as my present visa expires 12 days prior to graduation. Please pray that the officers would either extend grace, or that I would be able to get the new visa without issues.

Thank you! Please let me know how I can pray for you too.

God bless,


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