Studying for Final; Hebrew Comprehension Growing

Hello family and friends,

9:00 tomorrow morning (Friday) I will take my Hebrew II final exam. In my studies I just tried reading the first half of the story of Abraham and Isaac in an Hebrew-English interlinear Bible- doing my best to discern a segment of Hebrew before checking the English. It’s safe to say that I stumbled quite a bit through the passage, and relied heavily on my prior knowledge of the story. But I could follow along and actually read it! I want to keep going!

It was quite exciting to be “reading” a Hebrew story for the first time. I have learned a lot over these past nine months, and I am immensely grateful for this opportunity -a gift really- to learn my first Biblical language.

I also have a praise: This morning I was able to finish some more language analysis for my other class. The results strengthened and improved some hypotheses that I had made, helping me not just with my paper, but also, just possibly, with the Bible translation project that is being carried out in that community. I thank God for this opportunity to make a contribution, for the insight He has given me, and for the help of many friends as I have worked on this project.

Please pray that I would be able to focus my time on what is most important tonight as I study. And then that after the exam, that I would be able to finish the paper well over the weekend.

I can’t wait to come back to Seattle! It’ll be great to see many of you again.

Thanks and God bless,



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