Praise for Employment, Prayer for Peru

Hello family and friends!

Thank you for all of your prayers! It is so good to be back home and seeing so many of you again.

Thank you also for patiently waiting for my next prayer blog update! I am adjusting to being an official Wycliffe member and learning the ropes for writing content that is consistent with Wycliffe’s particular instructions. I plan to send prayer updates more frequently.

Here are some praise items:

  • To help pay the bills while I begin partnership development, I have a short-term part-time job! Working at Target is going really well.
  • My first Wycliffe-official newsletter is out!
  • I have my tickets for “Equip!” That’s the Wycliffe new member training that will take place at Wycliffe headquarters in Orlando, Florida in January.

Here are some prayer requests:

  • There is a new mission-minded Peruvian pastor in Panao where I will be serving. He has his 12-month review with his conference tomorrow Friday the 16th, to see if he will be staying for a longer time. It is my hope (delete that) he stays, as I could benefit (delete a lot) from his guidance. Please pray that God’s will would be clear to all involved in that decision.
  • About half of the expenses for the Equip Wycliffe training have been pledged. Please pray that the other half would come in soon.
  • Please pray for Walter, the director of the Quechua Bible Translation Organization JAWCA, and especially for his wife Blanca, as they seek to treat her epilepsy. Please pray that she would recover, allowing Walter to return to Bible translation full-time.

Thank you so much! I am so excited to be on this journey of Bible translation with you.

God bless,


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