Please pray for ASOIXIL, my housemate, and me

Hello friends and family,

Just some quick bullet points today.

  • I’m shocked to see that it’s already noon on Saturday; I haven’t been able to gain much traction this weekend on my assignments. Please pray that I would get working “on the double” with focus and energy.
  • My housemate is back in the hospital with complications from an emergency surgery. Please pray for his encouragement, protection, and recovery.
  • ASOIXIL is the Ixil Mayan NGO in Guatemala that I have worked with extensively for many years. I spent a month staying at their homes, eating at their tables, and learning some of this language. They are very close friends, and the work that they are doing is monumental, providing huge opportunities for their community. I have recently found out that the organization is in a major personnel crisis; that there is major division between some of the members. I believe this to be an attack from Satan, just as things are really starting to happen. Please pray for softened hearts, opened eyes, and humbled attitudes. If things continue without repentance, the consequences will be disastrous for ASOIXIL and the whole community.

Thank you so much,


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