Newsletter done

Praise! I just finished my first newsletter in almost a year. It will go out at 5AM tomorrow Thursday! It always takes me a lot of energy and at least a couple of days to write and format a newsletter. This one took me almost a week. I was really wanting to be done, but today my father reminded me that “quality work takes time.”

Praise! I will be sharing about the orphanage that my home church is associated with on Sunday, and I will be giving a short sermon at my Latino church on Wednesday. After that, I will be sharing about my progress and ministry with my home church on the 29th.

Please pray:

  • That I would be able to prepare effective messages.
  • That I would find any other speaking engagements that the Lord would have me participate in.
  • That I would now be able to prioritize setting up meetings with individual friends and families to talk about opportunities for partnership.

Thank you so much!

God bless,


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