Increased momentum

Hello friends and family,

Merry Christmas! It’s incredible to think that this is already the first Sunday of Advent.

On this day (and considering that we just celebrated Thanksgiving!) I am greatful for many things:

  • This wonderful opportunity to study, and all of you, that make it possible
  • Awesome housemates
  • Friends that disciple and encourage me
  • The chance to exercise a bit these past few days on my bicycle with my roommate. Indeed, exercise is such an asset to healthy energy levels and to study ability!

Most at of all, I am greatful for the wise counsel I am receiving, which is helping me to streamline my study time, increasing both my momentum and output! I have gotten a remarkable amount of studying done this weekend.

There is still much left to do though.

  • For Hebrew, please pray for me as I prepare for my last two quizzes (Monday and Wednesday at 11:40), workbook completion (Wednesday as well), and my final, which will be the following week.
  • For Morphosyntax II, that I would find plenty of time to study for the final, and find the resources I need to finish my paper and presentation. Also, for the time to do an opptional extra credit paper.
  • For Field Methods, that I would have an amazingly productive last week.

These are my top prayer requests. On my own, it seems like an impossible task. But I know that with God, all is possible!

Thanks again, take care, and God bless,


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