Good progress made today. Looking ahead.

Thank you everyone for your prayers- I was able to get a good chunk of reading done, in addition to some reflection on the first book. Tomorrow will be much of the same, with a bike ride to school to pick up some mail. I’m looking forward to the exercise! Also, I’ll be preparing the slideshow for church on Sunday. Please pray that I would be able to push through seventy pages of reading, in addition to my other responsibilities! 

My intensive class starts on Monday- four hours of lecture every day for a week! If you like, you can stay praying for the professor’s and my own preparedness. 

The general prayer requests at the top of the “Pray & Give” page are still relevant as well. 

The linguistics courses start in mid-June. Please also play for the new students that will be coming, as they make their own preparations. Please pray that they would recognize that attacks of the Evil One, and know how to fight back! Last summer we lost at least two students from confusion and discouragement sent from the Enemy. 

Thanks so much!

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