Going Offline & Going to Peru!

Hello friends and family!

Today I bought my tickets to Peru! I will be gone from October 15th through November 6th as I travel the country and meet many teams. Thank you to everyone who has given towards my trip! I am amazed and encouraged to see that I need just another $2060 for full funding. My goal is to have all of the support raised by October 12th.

Tomorrow Friday I go on a retreat to Whidbey Island where I will be able to have the peace and focus I need to study Liberation Theology and finish my last paper. This is one of those topics that can get more muddled the more it is studied! Please pray that Christ would help me to gain an insider-understanding of the issue and that he would grant me clarity on the topic and how to write this last paper. Please pray with me as I wrestle with the difficult question of when (if ever) it is acceptable for Christ-followers to use violence. Also, please pray that I would be free from demonic oppression. I will be mostly offline* from Friday through the 25th, though I will continue to post prayer updates.

If you are interested in where my studies are leading me, please do contact me at [email protected] to set up a time to talk. I enjoy opportunities to share about what I have learned and to see what more I can learn from others.

I am really excited to come back and continue to prepare for the trip!

Thank you for standing with me.

God bless,


*In the event of an emergency, I am available by phone.

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