From Remote Villages to the Largest Farmers Market

Dear Prayer Team,

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your prayers.

The visits to the remote villages to share hot chocolate, Christmas bread, and the Good News all went really well. Thank you for praying for our safety. These visits will be the focus of my next newsletter, so please be on the lookout for that!

I am also grateful to have had a couple of opportunities to meet with the missionary colleagues David and Diana Weber. David has started to go over the Quechua grammar course with me. (He used to teach it to new recruits, but with fewer new people coming to Peru these days, the course is no longer formally offered.)

Progress on the dictionary format conversion has been minimal due to the recent holiday season, but I expect the pace to pick up. Please pray for me and Karla Smith, that we would both find the time to advance the project.

For the past few weeks I have been fighting some kind of cold. The other day I did go to the doctor and fortunately, these past few days I have been feeling better. Please pray for healing and guidance as I spend my time- I haven’t been able to go to the village as hoped.

Every Saturday the biggest market in my state sets up in front of my house, and it’s predominantly run by Quechua people. I was able to get a device that broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal that connects devices. …Not to the internet, but to a hard drive full of Scripture media in five Quechua languages. I have permission to hang a big poster in front of the house on Saturdays, and I’ll have the device on in the front window, so that people can connect and encounter God’s Word in their own language. Please join me in praying that lots of people take advantage of this opportunity! But first, I need to have the poster peer-edited, printed, as well as make an actual web-version of the content that they will engage with, so that they can get online and see those resources in the same format anywhere, anytime.

Thank you also for your prayers for my mother Vivianne. She had her surgery shortly before Christmas and it went really well. While she still has some pain, weakness, and numbness, she is really well along in her recovery!

Thank you so much for your prayers. Take care and God bless,


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