Feeling Better

Hello Prayer Team,

Thanks for your prayers!

I’m really glad to report that I’m feeling better these recent days. I was able to talk with both of my parents on Thanksgiving, spent some time with my Quechua family, and celebrated a Saturday Thanksgiving with some close ministry friends. It’s all been very meaningful. I know your prayers are making a difference too.

This week I’m working on getting another newsletter out, and hope to get to the village Tipsa. I would like to spend perhaps half a week out there. The more time I can spend out there, the better!

There’s always a lot of things competing for my time. Always, there are many tasks that have importance and value. Please pray for wisdom.

Regarding my last full prayer blog update:

  • I am making some progress on language learning! Please pray for continued growth and momentum.
  • On Friday we were able to turn in the preliminary form for the Panao Quechua Old Testament Translation project proposal. That’s a huge praise!
  • Your continued prayers are requested for translator Edmin, his wife Mara, and her family. Her sister’s wedding plans are coming along, and Maura’s nephew’s brain surgery went well. Praise God! Though I believe he still has a lot of recovery to do.

Thanks so much! God bless,


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