Considering Job Openings With Wycliffe!

Hello everyone!  Here is an updated prayer request.

  • Praise! I’ve already recovered from my cold.
  • Praise! Things are moving forward with recovering the project on the computer system.
  • Praise! I had a productive day in Hebrew studies.
  • Praise! I am looking at job openings with Wycliffe Bible translators in a few places of the world. Of particular interest to me are some openings in Peru, in the area of Scripture Use. Please join me as I pray about these options. Soon I will be telling my staffing specialist which interest me most, and from their interviews with the regional teams will commence. This really is a pivotal moment for me. Please pray that I would to my heart to hear God’s voice and hear any words of direction that he may have.
Here some other areas that you can be praying for me:
  • Please pray that I would be up to give good feedback for my students papers, which I will be grading in the coming days.
  • Please pray that I would be able to prepare an effective lesson to teach on Tuesday.
  • Please pray that the first round of paperwork goes smoothly. Today Thursday, I hope to see a notary public.
But most importantly, please pray for my direction in picking a job assignment. May God’s will be done!
Thank you so much.
God bless,
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