Booked out!

Hello friends and family!

Thank you so much for your prayers. Here is an update!

  • Praise! Last weekend’s paper writing was incredibly productive. I started, wrote, and turned in an entire paper, and turned it in a couple of days early, at that!
  • Prayer: My other paper on “Liberation Theology” is now due (factoring in an extension until on Friday the 15th. Please pray that I would be able to continue progressing on that.)
  • Praise! During some prayer today some really good scripture verses came to me that help me to understand Liberation Theology.
  • Prayer: This week and especially today I have felt under spiritual attack. Please pray that I would have a clear mind, filled with truth from God.
  • Prayer: I really need to find some time to write a newsletter and write out some thank-you cards, but the rest of my month of completely booked out with imminent assignments! Please pray that God would guide me in His timing.

I can’t believe that in less than a month I will have done my comprehensive exams, in about five weeks I will have finished at CanIL, and in two months I will be back in Seattle! This time at CanIL has been such a blessing and amazing experience. Thank you to everyone of you that have gotten me this far with your gifts and prayers!

God bless you,


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