A good result and a heavy homework forecast

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much to everyone who was praying for me before and during my exams! Much to my delight and gratitude I received a 91.66% on my Morphosyntax midterm. God’s answer to your prayers is the only explanation there.

I devoted almost all of my weekend to studying for my Hebrew midterm, and memorized many new words. It remains to be seen how well I fared on that exam.

I am now in the second half of the semester, which is (as usual) extra full of essays and large projects.Because of my focus on midterms I have now fallen behind with several of them.

I am also feeling very fatigued.

Please pray for a recovery of stamina, whether it be via:

  • increased rest,
  • increased exercise,
  • increased efficiency, and or
  • increased understanding.

Please also pray that I would get caught up.

There are also some longer-range prayer requests at this link.

Thank you so much.

God bless,


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