A full schedule

Hello everyone!

Here is a quick update:

  • Wednesday and Thursday are going to be full days for me. I’m meeting with my home church pastor to discuss my next steps. I will also meet the pastor of my mother’s church and have a time of reciprocal learning about our respective ministries. The days will also be full with family, friends, and supporters. Please pray for conversations that “count .” That is, conversations that will help me and the others to grow in their relationship with Christ and each other, ultimately leading to a difference in the advance of the Kingdom of God! (See this blog post!)
    • (More concretely, please pray that I would be fully prepared for these meetings, and sense and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in the conversations.)
  •  I am sending out Wycliffe application reference requests! Please pray that they would also “count” and that the reference writers would be able to effectively communicate their relationship with me to Wycliffe. Please pray that they would be able to complete the references by the 16th of this month.
  • Please pray that God would grant me discernment regarding the family truck. I may need to buy it, fix some water leaks, and find a place to store it until I finish my program in the summer! (Where will I find the time for that before I go back to Canada on the 10?!)
  • I’m still working on my Field Methods course! Please pray for understanding and godspeed and I work on two major language analysis papers.
  • My next semester starts on the 13th. Please pray for a rockin’ awesome start for the two classes I will be taking and the one that I will help teach!
  • Praise: I am still really grateful for the special time I had with my relatives in the Portland area, for four days after Christmas. Praise for the deep meaningful conversations that took place and the ties that were strengthened.

Thank you so much! Please let me know if there is any way that I can pray for you.

God bless you all,


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