A full day


  • The computer run at church, though not perfectly executed, went really well. I received complements from the lead pastor. 
  • I had one close call on the bike, but was kept from harm. Ran errands around town from noon to five.
  • For the first time, I went to 5&2, a homeless ministry run by my friends. I met some really nice people. Great perspective adjustment for me as I was bemoaning about today’s many small frustrations prior to going.


  • As of this writing, there are just over ten hours left to raise the rest of my summer’s support, about $780 spread out over for months. I may have to drop a class and spread out my program. Yet, as I just heard on the KING FM Compline service, “not my will be done, but Yours.” There is still time though!
  • Please pray that I lead a productive week, wether it be in study or other preparations. 

Thank you!

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