17 Days Here, 17 There, & Then I’m Gone!

Dear prayer team,

Can you believe, there are only 34 days left before I move to Peru! Many of you have been praying for me to reach this point for years, and now it is about to happen! Thank you for your prayers.

I did some math, and realized that I have 17 “work at home” days left, as well as 17 days of traveling. Next Wednesday, I leave for California and Baja California to say goodbye to friends and family members.

To update you on my previous request, I’m glad to report that my taxes are all done and paid. (That was a big request some months ago, if you will remember!) I’m still working on a laundry list of other items:

  • Purchasing some equipment
  • Digitizing a few boxes of paper documents, and organizing and digitalizing several boxes of books
  • Selling my truck
  • Dentist visits
  • Figure out what I’m taking to Peru and what to do with the items that I don’t take.

Any prayers you could give as I balance those task items in these next 17 days would be much appreciated.

In other news, this past week I have been conferring with my colleagues, and it appears a significant budget audit is in order. Please pray for me and those involved, that we would be able to have the best understanding possible of my Wycliffe ministry financial situation. I will be meeting with my Wycliffe finance officer at 8 AM on Friday to talk through the budget and review some of the new data.

How can I be praying for you?

Thanks so much!

God bless,


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