What a Wonderful Whidbey Winter Wonderland here in Western Washington!

My 6000-mile road trip started out with a mid-week stop at Whidbey Island in Washington back in October. Due to necessary preparations, I arrived later than desired and additionally spend a chunk of time with additional preparations.

This weekend I am making up for lost time! Here in the towns of Clinton and Freetown I’m having a blast with my splendid second cousins, first cousins once removed, and other relatives! I saw Lincoln and Hugo, shared some wonderful meals, and am looking forward to a church service in the morning.

Here are some shots I have taken this weekend. A 1950s-era Dodge Coronet (Property of Jack Frost), holly, sea shells, what I’ll call a “bus stop” and the beach!

The more I get to know my family the more blessed I feel to have them in my life. Thanks for a great weekend!

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