A Note to My Blog Subscribers:

Thank you for following my blog!

This note applies to those who have put their email address in the white box on the right-hand side of my website; not to be confused with those who have opted to receive my monthly newsletter, which is on a separate system.

Are seven emails a tad bit much? I’m terribly sorry- please let me explain:

Recent investigation has revealed that this is a highly-automated feature over which I have very little control. From this point I will be publishing new blog entries in two languages, and, most unfortunately, you will get a notification for both. Additionally, it is possible that you may on rare occasion receive a notification if I reorganize some old content on my site.

At a later point I hope to be able to find and integrate a better solution, but at the present you have some options available to you:

  1. Leave things unchanged.
  2. Click on the “unsubscribe” or “manage preferences” link in one of the notification emails.  (This will not unsubscribe you from the monthly newsletter, which is a separate system.)
    1. If you are on Facebook, selecting me as a “favorite friend” will help you stay abreast of my Facebook activity, and I usually post a link to new website material. (Although if you get email notifications for “favorite friend” activity, this option would be worst than the first!)
    2. If you are on Twitter, be sure to follow me! I also post new content there. This is not as sure of a method as Facebook, as you will not always see my tweets.

You can find links to my social media pages here.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter!

Take care,


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