Building a Plane While in Flight

Oh how I wish I had emailed everyone a link to my spiffy website half a week before my departure date, where people could find all sorts of information on my future travels, my itinerary, and trip preparations. I wish that the moment I left I would have been able to post pictures of my gear and the reading on my odometer.

But as often happens in life, I get to “build this plane in flight!” Over a week into my road trip, I have just purchased my domain and am now building the website.

I hope that you enjoy what you see here as I travel about the United States of America, and later to the nations of Latin America. I think that we will both be surprised to see what comes to be posted here!

To stay in the loop, you may want to follow me on Twitter! Find me at @larkale07 or on Facebook at, where I will also be publishing posts.

Take care, and God bless!


Fall is in full swing in Coeur d’Alene, a city in northern Idaho, just to the east of Spokane. There live some aunts and uncles of mine.


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