Six Months Already

Hello Prayer Team,

Thank you for your prayers!

These past few weeks have gone by so quickly, as I worked with the team in preparing the formal project proposal for the Panao Quechua Old Testament translation. (While my personal Wycliffe ministry expenses are met, the team is seeking funding sources to allow the work to continue more quickly and consistently).

Tomorrow Saturday I celebrate 6 months in Peru! The time has gone by so fast and I have been learning so much. Incredible to think that an eighth of my first term in Perú is already over. I’m so grateful for all my friends, family, and partners in my Wycliffe ministry that have made this work possible- both here and there!

Here are some more praise items:

  • That our portion of working on the proposal is mostly finished- now it is in the hands of the SIL office in Lima.
  • For a good time with my forerunners Terry and Karla Smith while they were in Peru.
  • For a wonderful Panao Quechua community meeting in which we talked about the state of the translation and looked at some of a draft of the book of Job. It was the first such meeting in two years, but the 25 people present were highly motivated- they want to meet one weekend a quarter, on their own dime!
  • For some more time in the village Tipsa and some language learning progress.
  • For some opportunities to meet some of the leadership among the church denominations here.

Please pray for:

  • More confidence and progress on my Quechua language learning- to date, it’s been progressing more slowly than I have hoped.
  • For the Panao Quechua Old Testament Project Proposal- that the SIL office in Peru would be able to put on the finishing touches needed, to send it to the partner organization. We are hoping they may be able to fund a portion of the project.
  • Please pray for the translator Edmin, his wife, and her family, as one of her siblings gets ready for her wedding and a nephew undergoes brain surgery. Besides the events themselves, it’s proving to be stressful for everyone.

…How can I be praying for you?

Thank you so much for your prayers.

God bless,


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