Realtor Kathy's Pledge

UPDATE: The truck is fully funded!

Praise be to God, the truck is fully funded! If you are looking for a relator, please feel free to reach out to Kathy. Even though the truck is now fully funded, she will still be glad to give you great service and would be happy to hear that you heard about her through me. 

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Here is my pledge: I am pledging 50% of all commissions I receive from house sale referrals in Idaho to be used for the purchase of a vehicle for Alex's Wycliffe Ministry. And I am pledging 100% of all commissions* I receive from referrals from everywhere else!

-Kathy Proff

Kathy has over 40 years of experience in all sorts of real estate; residential, commercial, and wholesale. Originally from Ohio, Kathy loves living in the Treasure Valley!

Kathy loves people and is willing to help anyone who wants to buy a home. “Often people don’t realize that they are already making mortgage payments. They are either paying off their own home mortgage or their landlord’s.” She loves to help first-time homebuyers. She has a great team with several mortgage brokers who can negotiate wholesale rates and are willing to work difficult files.

She is also very creative in both listing and selling situations. Her photographer provides photos with drone shots and 3-D virtual tours, and her home stager is one of the best. Her agency Downs Realty advertises on all the major real estate sites (in addition to posting via the MLS platform).

Kathy can help anyone anywhere. If someone outside of the Boise area wants to buy or sell a property, and they contact Kathy, she will connect them with a well-qualified agent in the area where they need help. (In addition to Boise, Kathy is especially well-connected in Seattle and the Greater Eastside, where she raised her children.) The local agent pays Kathy a finder’s fee, which is typically 25% of the agent’s commission. She will put all of the proceeds* of the finder’s fee towards the vehicle!

*100% of the finder’s fee, less $1000 so she can pay the real estate fees and taxes.

Please spread the word! And encourage others to spread the word.
You can contact or refer Kathy by using her email address and phone number, below.
Be sure to mention that you heard about her pledge for Alex’s Wycliffe Ministry.

More about Kathy

Kathy is active in her church and co-founded Hands of Help International LLC, a non-profit that funds building projects and medical operations in various countries around the world. She and her husband have been married for 40 years and have four grown children and four grandchildren. Kathy loves to travel, read, garden, and and bike.

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