Last week I was a bit too far behind, losing a few points on weekly assignments due to lateness. Over the weekend I was able to get at least to the point of turning in these on time. However, I am starting to feel anxious about my larger course projects, as they are either not progressing as fast as I hoped, or not progressing at all. And tomorrow marks the semester’s half-way point! Please pray that I would find a way to get those moving. It’s like trying to see the forest through the trees!

As a praise, one of two major course projects in Scripture Engagement is on track! I also have had the chance to encourage some friends this week, for which I am grateful.
Thank you for your prayers. Don’t hesitate to contact me either! I would like to know how your family is doing and how I can pray for you. Call or text at +1.778.982.9590, and my email is [email protected].

God bless.

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