(Updated) Please pray for energy, encouragement, & enlightenment into subject matter!


If you see this in time, please pray for me tomorrow Thursday in the morning.

Please pray for me, especially  that I would be able to get enough rest and have energy for my studies. I am feeling worn down and bit discouraged,but I know that God can give me the strength to push through and also enable me to find the rest that I need.

At 11:40 AM I have the first small portion of my term paper due. I’m still trying to understand fully the nature of my subject, and then I must find 10 – 15 sources of information that will help me write a solid paper. 

My request for energy and encouragement applies more generally as well. As I have written about before, this course load is heavy for me. In particular, my Hebrew studies continue to be a source of challenge. I am making great strides of progress and am grasping the concepts quite readily, but in terms of vocabulary memorization I am not quite caught up with the class.

Thank you so much. As Canadian Thanksgiving approaches, I think often about how I can’t do this without you. You are a constant source of encouragement and help as I continue my studies. God bless you. 

Alex Larkin

11:25 AM Update: I feel better this morning and I have finished the assignment. Whoo hoo! Thanks for your prayers.

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