Let The Travels Begin!

Hello prayer warriors!

Thanks so much for your prayers. My how time flies! I got back yesterday at 5:30 AM from the second literacy workshop- a 14-hour journey consisting of one bus and three taxis! Lucma is in the High Amazon. One must go through the Lower Amazon to get there. What lush beauty!

The community of Lucma has received many immigrants from the Panao region over the years. Today there is a Panao community there that needs access to God’s word in their heart language.

About 25 people participated, engaging with the story of Joseph in their heart language for the very first time! While I don’t yet understand much Panao Quechua, I could see on their faces how the story was touching their heart. After reading the first two chapters, the man sitting next to me affirmed in Spanish, “This is a lot clearer in Quechua. I understand this a lot better in Quechua.”

(This paragraph is from my last newsletter.) I also want to thank you for your prayers the previous weekend while I was in Tipsa, where translator Edmin’s parents and siblings live. I got to know the family and local community a bit, and was even given the chance to preach! I met many people that thirst to know God, but are held back due to lack of access to the Scriptures, teaching, and worship in their heart language. The Panao Quechua New Testament is finished, and the rest of the Bible is on its way. I am excited to coordinate with local leadership to make Scripture accessible in Tipsa and everywhere the language is spoken. It doesn’t matter whether a person is well-read or has never had the chance to learn to read. It doesn’t matter if they’re from the city or from the smallest village. Everyone must be able to access and engage with God’s Word in the language that speaks to their heart!

I was also able to meet with Pastor Abdón as hoped. He said, “The Bible tells me to care for the orphan, the widow, those in jail, and for the foreigner. You are a foreigner here, and my church is always open as a home for you.” What encouraging, meaningful words! Thank you Lord for Pastor Abdón!

These are my prayer requests:

  • I’m fatigued from all my travels and ministry, and I’m about to do much more traveling. Today I go from Huánuco to Lima, tomorrow from Lima to Seattle, with some tight connections. After Seattle I’ll be traveling between Renton, Port Orchard, and Boise through the end of the month. Please pray for rest on the journey, and for traveling mercies (that I would be a man of mercy while I travel!) during this time.
  • For the people of Lucma to continue to reflect on the story of Joseph and what it was like to engage with God’s Word. That they would continue to seek Christ through engaging with the New Testament, their draft copies of Genesis, and through fellowship and prayer.
  • For translation consultant Jim Wroughton as he works to check the Panao Quechua translation, as well as the translations of many other local languages. That God would give him the health and stamina to continue his vital work, as well as for a medical mission trip he will be heavily involved in from June 18th through the 26th. Please pray as he will be sharing the gospel in Quechua to a large crowd of many hundreds.

That is all for now! I can’t wait to update you all with more details and pictures!

Thank you for your prayers and partnership in my Wycliffe ministry!

Take care, and God bless.


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