Coast Nigh Clear for Comprehensive Exam Studying!

Hello friends and family,

I am grateful and praising God for a productive week! I am currently ahead of schedule for my Principles of Translation course, with only one small assignment and about 75 pages of reading to do in order to have a “clear coast” for exam study.

Just to review, in order to obtain my degree I have to pass a “comprehensive exam” that covers the major points of every master’s-level course I have taken (which is most of them!). This exam lasts lasts three hours and will occur on Friday August 5th.

After that, I will have one final week of classes and assignments, one normal final exam, and one paper to complete. Then I will be finished!

Please pray that I would be able to maintain my momentum and be able to study effectively.

Thank you so much for all of your partnership and support!

God bless,


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